Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday with the Hobbs Family

Formal family portrait shoots, where everyone is coordinated in white or black shirts, powdered and primped, admittedly, don't interest me. But, ask me to come and have blueberry pancakes, hang out and color, take a walk and photograph the nuances of a family Sunday, that is a complete joy! The photographs that result act as a little time capsule, a way to preserve snippets of everyday life that don't linger long.

"Family is a miracle on earth. It's a gift to have this group of people you can be completely yourself with – that get excited with you, that cry with's just a gift." – M. Hobbs

Many thanks to the Hobbs Family for inviting me to spend the most delightful and mild winter day in thier sunny abode.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Los Reyes de Albuquerque Documentary

A 5-minute preview of the Los Reyes de Albuquerque documentary, made in collaboration with independent radio producer, Paul Ingles.

Los Reyes de ABQ. Documentary – 5 Minutes from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

The longer, 22-minute version can be seen HERE

This project was made possible with a major grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council. Additional support from the KUNM Independent Producers Fund.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Los Reyes de Albuquerque y La Familia Martinez

Again this year, I've had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with radio producer Paul Ingles on a public radio and online documentary. (Our previous project together was Jazz of Enchantment). This project tells the story of one of the most long-lived and influential traditional New Mexican Hispanic musical groups in the state, Los Reyes de Albuquerque y La Familia Martinez.

Tune in this coming week to KUNM (89.9) at 7:50 am and 5:50 pm from Monday 11/30 through Thursday, 12/3 and Sunday, 12/6 at 11 am to hear the seven-part radio series about the rich life and distinctly New Mexican music of Los Reyes de Albuquerque.

Also, I invite you to a special concert and event at the Outpost Performance Space this coming Saturday, December 5th at 7:30 pm. There will be a screening of a 22-minute multimedia piece showcasing photos and video from the documentary, a Q & A with Roberto Martinez, founder of Los Reyes de Albuquerque and Enrique Lamadrid, the humanities scholar from the project, and of course, music by Los Reyes. For more information on the Outpost Event visit:

If you miss these events, the entire project will be archived online at:
The complete radio series and multimedia piece will be posted the week of December 7th.

The documentary was supported by a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day – Remembering

In honor of Veteran's Day, I'd like to re-post a StoryPortrait that shares the behind the scenes look at the book, Saluting America's WWI Heroes, by Jeffrey Lowdermilk. This book is the result of Jeff's personal journey to retrace the footsteps of George A. Carlson, Jeff's grandfather, who was fighting in France at the time of the Armistice.

By connecting deeply with his own past, Jeff connects us with the footsteps of many soldiers and ideals of the past; the past that is all too present.

Saluting America's WWI Heroes from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pinehurst Inn

This summer, I traveled to Bayfield, Wisconsin, a sweet town on the southern shore of Lake Superior – the gateway to the Apostle Islands, to produce a StoryPortrait for an amazing Bed & Breakfast run by Nancy and Steve Sandstrom.

Nancy and Steve are a dynamic couple, juggling fruit salads and french toast, with deeper missions and goals. A main priority for them is offering a setting where people can relax. What a concept! It's bigger than you think. They realize the importance of relaxing; taking the time to reconnect with oneself, each other, and taking the time to listen, to breathe, to come to life again. Another mission is an environmental/ sustainability mission; living on this earth as lightly as possible.

Please take time to learn about the Pinehurst Inn and Nancy and Steve in their following StoryPortrait's!

The Pinehurst Inn StoryPortrait

The Pinehurst Inn _ Part I of II from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

The Heart & Soul of the Pinehurst Inn

The Heart & Soul of the Pinehurst Inn – Part II of II from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

Now, experience the Pinehurst Inn and Bayfield, WI for yourself – make a reservation at the Pinehurst Inn!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Santa Fe Living Treasures

The Santa Fe Living Treasures, an all-volunteer group that I am thrilled to be part of, will honor four more elders in the Santa Fe community today, October 18th.

Jack Loeffler, Zenia Victor, Gaylon Duke and Amarante Romero have creatively and passionately contributed to the lives of others through their service, their life work, their ideas.

Zenia Victor & Gaylon Duke love traveling the world.

In 2000, they started the Bali Art Project, with the mission of giving young people who wouldn't likely have the opportunity to travel, the opportunity. This experience of travel, culture, art, history, religion, community, changes lives.

Jack Loeffler, an adventurer, an environmental activist, a musician, an aural historian, folklorist, anthropologist, sound engineer, radio producer, is a legend.

He has a huge smile, a huge heart and is devoted to the land, and all its inhabitants. When he received the Governor's Award for Excellence in 2008, they called him a national treasure.

Amarante Romero is an old-time Santa Fean. He knows this place, its history, its hardship and the power one person can play in community. He gave credit to families who couldn't pay at the store he ran. He dug wells for those without clean drinking water. He was a voice in the public sphere for water conservation and environmental protection.

Visit the Santa Fe Living Treasures Website for more information.